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Comtronics are a trade only distributor specialising in storage, flash memory and processor components.

We supply the leading integrator, reseller and surveillance distributors in the UK.

Are you a company in this segment?

System Integrator, commercial and industrial?

Surveillance distributor with a requirement for storage products?

An independent reseller who requires competitive pricing across storage, flash memory and processor products?

An educational institute, or department of, who requires supported pricing and information for core IT products?

A local or national repair centre who requires consistent and best market pricing for replacement storage, flash and processor products?

If so, we have experienced knowledge of supplying your segment and feel Comtronics could offer you service and value your current distributors currently don’t.

We’re easy to talk to and easy to do business with.

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Phone: 024 7693 2190

Email: sales@comtronics.co.uk