Overview of Comtronics

Based in the Midlands, Comtronics are a growing trade only distributor committed to offering the industry the best price and best service on core component IT products.

Rather than attempting to be a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ distributor with an unwieldly product portfolio, Comtronics instead prefer a specialised focus within the storage, flash memory and processor product ranges. This allows us to be dedicated to offering our customers market leading products at market leading prices. Comtronics’ focus on the supply of core components allows us to keep ahead of the curve in often volatile market conditions, ensuring we stay reactive and thus offering our customers continually best pricing along with exemplary service.

This strategy has seen Comtronics take a foot hold in the competitive and often saturated field of component distribution in recent years, becoming an established distributor of core components across a number of IT market segments. Comtronics are now a multi-million pound turnover distributor with dedicated offices and warehousing facilities based in Rugby, Warwickshire that continue to grow and evolve.

By listening to, and putting our customer’s needs first, and by continually strengthening our supplier and vendor relationships, Comtronics truly are ‘Pure to the Core’ when it comes to first class IT component supply.

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Comtronics ‘Philosophy’

Here at Comtronics, we’re less about the naval gazing, ‘what does that actually mean’ cod philosophy approach some companies like to assign to themselves, and much more about a coherent set of simple and common sense practices of how we feel a distributor should act and be. So, this is what we like to do (and, indeed, not do)…

We like to…

Comtronics like to work in a collaborative rather than adversarial manner with our customers, knowing ultimately we have the same aims.

Comtronics like to offer our customers an exceptionally responsive and open service. Nobody likes to be kept waiting.

Comtronics like to develop long-term relationships with our customers, by understanding our customers better, we can understand how to give you a better service.

Comtronics like to ensure we offer you unrivalled pricing. Whether you are buying in volume, or small batches, our tailored pricing approach will offer real pricing value other distributors cant’.

Comtronics like to offer all our customers, large and small, credit accounts, very favourable carriage terms and the best prices in the market.

We don’t like to…

Comtronics don’t like to offer you products that do not fit your business model, understanding it simply wastes your time and ours.

Comtronics don’t like to blanket mail and offer products without understanding your needs, we believe in maintaining structure in the channel, and believe in offering you best value.

Comtronics don’t like to ‘piggyback’ off other distributor feeds. We hold our own stock, and do not work on a ‘sell, then buy’ strategy.

A Note About Our Web Pricing, Or Lack Of

We at Comtronics understand the fundamental importance of ‘price is King’. Rather than populating our products with an exorbitant ‘list price’ we prefer to offer a price that works for you straight out of the gate. We understand that all our customers require the best pricing, but that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to pricing is usually a hindrance rather than help. We have the flexibility to offer some of the very best pricing in the market on storage, flash and processor products. In each product profile you can request a price, and we will ensure to contact you immediately with bespoke pricing for the demand you have. Large or small, we WILL quote you happy.